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Mark making is a primal urge. This is where I explain the ecstasy of painting and why it calms my soul.

Month: November, 2013

Winter Inspirations Christmas Art – Exhibition by Friends of Studio 61 Gallery

Tomorrow 29th Nov sees the start of the Winter Inspirations exhibition at the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre’s Rainbow Gallery in Eastwood, Nottingham. Along with a couple of dozen other artists I will be displaying works based loosely on the theme of winter. It promises to be a great event for anyone who likes the visual arts and most artworks are for sale. Check it out and if you can get over there – it’s on until 22nd December.—winter-inspirations-christmas-art.aspxImage

Not working

Just a quick post today.

It suddenly occurred to me while I was hoovering that I had not painted for about a week. I know it sounds silly and I have been busy doing other art related stuff, so I didn’t notice at first, but just not the painting or mark making bit. An obvious thought occurred to me that maybe not working was at least as important as working as far as my art is concerned.

It’s not that I felt the need to rest, I know that’s important – but this really just amounted to dwelling for a while. Not consciously but sub-consciously I think I’ve had my thinking cap on………..and as I say it had just not occurred to me until now just what a vital thing actually stopping once in a while is.

Interestingly I doubt that it’s something I can control, it just has to happen when it happens, can’t be diaried – which is where it differs from just resting, it’s more like a sort of serendipity. The other thing is that I’ve just finished a few pieces more or less at the same time , so there was a natural lull. Maybe it’s that that prompts it. Anyway in future I won’t feel bad when I’m actually not working….since producing finished pieces is merely the last piece of the jigsaw.

Think I’ll leave it there and sign off one relieved artist!

Upcoming events

 A couple of events & exhibitions I’m delighted to be involved in this month and next. First of all Edinburgh Art Fair 15th-17th Nov which I’m really looking forward to having several paintings shown at, check it out at – if you’re going to be there lucky you. Make sure you check out my work, you will find it at Whitepeaks Fine Art stand – say “Hi” to Mark for me.

Second I have these two paintings on display at the “Winter Wonderland” exhibition hosted by Friends of Studio 61 at the DHLawrence Heritage Centre’s Rainbow Gallery running from 23rd Nov until Christmas. There are in excess of 30 local artists displaying their best work – make great Christmas gifts for someone .


– more about next year’s solo exhibition later!


Hello all and welcome to my new blog. I’ve never been a blogger before so as I get used to all the functions & tools at my disposal you will notice I hope (if you read my posts at any rate) that the appearance changes as I adapt the style and format to suit my needs. But for now this will have to do. It’s far more important to me to get on with the business of connecting with people as soon as possible and leave “styling” until later.

I thought it would be a reasonable thing at the outset to have a go at explaining myself as an artist, so these first few posts will contain a fair amount of soulsearching….oh before I go any further I should explain that this blog is not a substitute for Twitter or my webpage but more of a vehicle where I can explore and explain to anyone listening my thoughts and feelings about things artistic from time to time..”from time to time” meaning when I feel the need. Not daily or weekly or even regularly. So there may be long stretches of time between posts (quite likely) if I don’t have anything to say. I can hear the sighs of relief from here!

Now where was I? oh yes soulsearching…something I guess most artists are used to. The most immediate questions to answer I suppose would be – who am I, what do I do and why do I do it? The first 2 of these at least are  relatively straightforward at the moment tho’ they might change I s’pose. Since I am in the business of exploring what is not even clear to me I do reserve the right to be inconsistent, to change my mind, to be vain, pompous, pretentious and a pain in the arse from time to time………because this is a struggle! 

I am Martin Davis, a practising self taught artist who produces 2D artworks, paintings mainly in oils. I used to be a firefighter until retirement put paid to that 6 years ago. Before that I was in finance for a while, before that I was an undergraduate in Birmingham UK and before that school (not very exciting)….but before all of that and during all of it I loved art. So art, or more specifically painting, at least has been a significant continuous thread in my life. 

My artistic output has varied and still does. Partly I think I love the variety but probably nearer the mark is the fact that I am still searching for what I feel compelled to do most.

Enough for one post I think?

getting going…..

Don’t worry too much about all this. It’s just me starting to construct my blog.  More later. Promise.Image