Not working

by martin davis artist

Just a quick post today.

It suddenly occurred to me while I was hoovering that I had not painted for about a week. I know it sounds silly and I have been busy doing other art related stuff, so I didn’t notice at first, but just not the painting or mark making bit. An obvious thought occurred to me that maybe not working was at least as important as working as far as my art is concerned.

It’s not that I felt the need to rest, I know that’s important – but this really just amounted to dwelling for a while. Not consciously but sub-consciously I think I’ve had my thinking cap on………..and as I say it had just not occurred to me until now just what a vital thing actually stopping once in a while is.

Interestingly I doubt that it’s something I can control, it just has to happen when it happens, can’t be diaried – which is where it differs from just resting, it’s more like a sort of serendipity. The other thing is that I’ve just finished a few pieces more or less at the same time , so there was a natural lull. Maybe it’s that that prompts it. Anyway in future I won’t feel bad when I’m actually not working….since producing finished pieces is merely the last piece of the jigsaw.

Think I’ll leave it there and sign off one relieved artist!