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Mark making is a primal urge. This is where I explain the ecstasy of painting and why it calms my soul.

“Smoking Inside” – Sara Twomey Gallery, London

“Smoking Inside” – Sara Twomey Gallery, London.


“Smoking Inside” – Sara Twomey Gallery, London

If you are visiting or live in London you should be able to catch sight of up to 5 of my recent pieces of work at the ongoing “Smoking Inside” Group Exhibition at the Sara Twomey Gallery over the next few weeks. There are some great artists also on the same bill, so i feel honoured to have my work on show alongside theirs – I just hope they feel the same way about this new kid on the block. Some of these people have been painting seriously way, way longer than me.
Still whatever the reception I get this is great exposure for yours truly. Been wanting for a long time to break into the London market but, being a naive so-and-so I don’t know much about it down there. Not even sure if this location is a good location. Let’s hope so though.
Anyway if you want to go and don’t know how to find it it’s at 11 Harbour Exchange, Isle of Dogs, E14 9GE. Hope you have a great time. Don’t forget to give me some feedback – even if it’s all bad (no- especially if it’s all bad. I need to know). And don’t say don’t give up the day job cos I haven’t got one OK?

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“Our gallery in the Isle of Dogs has just been re-hung to accommodate works by Gail Knight, Colin Halliday, Paul Apps,
Andrew Forkner, Martin Davis, Jenny Mather, Gina Marsh and Sara Twomey to name but a few, and it is already causing quite a stir with the locals.

See the works for yourself – they’re stunning!”