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Mark making is a primal urge. This is where I explain the ecstasy of painting and why it calms my soul.

Happy new year ….and all that.

Happy new year ….and all that..

Happy new year ….and all that.

Well before I’d had chance to consider my usual suite of potential resolutions for next year (chief among which is always “I must paint and do more art”) my plans have been scuppered before I start.

I have been commandeered to help my youngest son decorate – or at least start to decorate – his new house so he can move in with his young family (granddaughter is just about 1yr old!). Bearing in mind my determination to make some useful NY resolutions this is not – I repeat not-the kind of painting I had in mind. Since I have to travel over 130 miles each way to get there and back I fear January is going to disappear in my rear view mirror before I can blink.

The only consolation in this sorry state of affairs is that I will have ample time while I am decorating the stairs to think which is a luxury I should not turn my nose up at. SO by the end of Jan I should be in the best frame of mind possible to relaunch myself into my artistic endeavours with gusto………so stand by for some epic work!

The other thing on my mind at the moment is my encroaching Solo Exhibition at the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre in Eastwood, Notts, UK in April – May. I am pondering what theme. Must there be a theme? I suppose I can’t avoid it but at this stage of my career I don’t have enough work to fill the exhibition space without using most of my back catalogue……….so whether I deserve it or not this will no doubt end up being a mini retrospective to justify using the various works. Oh well such is life!