From firefighter to artist?

Well at the outset of this blogging lark I did sort of promise myself that I would not use it as just another platform to market my stuff – rather just as a space to muse. That said I have to say I am quite excited at the thought of staging my first solo exhibition, you would be wouldn’t you? So I am going to break my own rule and tell you a little about it.

It runs from 4th April – 25th May at The DH Lawrence Heritage Centre in Eastwood, maybe not the most prestigious art venue around but you have to start somewhere….and if you’ve been you’ll know it’s a great little exhibiting space. So pass the message on if you read this, I hope you won’t regret it. I have put my heart and soul into the works on display so if for no other reason that should make it worth it.

I thought long and hard too about how, or even whether, to theme it. In the end I have adopted a kind of compromise – in that the work itself is not linked by subject or style, There will be some 30 odd paintings on show and they will only be grouped by type – if anything. But they are an eclectic mix. I’m hoping that arty types visiting will not be too offended by this amateurish approach. I came to the conclusion that the most intriguing thing about the exhibition is the past life of me the artist, and what makes a fireman turn his hand to painting. So I am toying with titling the show something like “From firefighter to artist”………hoping it might draw the punters in a bit.

As the date draws nearer I will be putting some effort into publicising the event, so you should see more on social media later on. Here’s a taster of what will be on show!ImageImageImage