bolt out of the blue

just browsing other peoples’ art (as I do online quite a lot) when I was struck by something amazingly simple and obvious about progressing my own art. I realize this sounds daft but one thing that has up to now been missing from my work is a proper appreciation of the importance of the relationship between size of artwork and size of art tools or utensils – crazily I’ve always tended to stick to much the same size brush I’m comfortable with – and no-one ever pointed it out to me. 

But I saw this guy’s work and it featured really broad simple strokes that matched the size of the piece and were in some way integral to it. Brought the whole thing to life.. and by the way it means the art makes more sense from further away from the surface!

This is really exciting….can’t wait to get into the studio tomorrow and try it out. What a kick up the pants!  doh!! what an idiot!