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Mark making is a primal urge. This is where I explain the ecstasy of painting and why it calms my soul.

Month: June, 2014

Bicentenary – Pentrich Revolution 1817 (the last English revolution)

Just been contacted by The Pentrich & South Wingfield Revolution Group. They’ve asked me to help commemorate the bi-centenary of the Pentrich Revolution in 3 yrs time by painting a scene from the march in 1817. This will the basis of a huge tapestry of similar scenes covering every other location involved (including Sydney, Australia). The Group have an ambitious plan to track down all the descendants of those executed or transported and produce a “family tree” in book form, and much else. All the images painted will be reproduced on a range of memorabilia to promote the event. Sounds a great idea – covering both the UK and Australia. 
They are still looking for local artists for these areas:

Langley Mill/Heanor
Sydney, Australia 

– if you can help get in touch at

meant to include this in the last post, it’s my submission to Brit Poppy Art 2014 that prompted the article in Nottingham Post.

Brit Poppy Art 2014

If you buy a copy of the Nottingham Post today there should be an article about me and my contribution to BPA 2014 later in Aug. No idea how it’ll come out after my telephone interview with them yesterday (they even wanted to talk to my wife – she was not keen!) or what images they have. …you have been warned!

Time wasting?

Spent an inordinate amount of time this week changing my web hosting company. My previous co was MotionWebDesign who were great for what I needed over the last couple of years, but the advantage of having someone actually produce, manage & maintain your site for you gradually began to feel too restrictive as my activities developed and I really needed day-to-day control of the site’s contents myself.

Actually before that I did manage my own site but it was a bit of a cumbersome& limited system and I could never do what I wanted….I’m hoping for better things now with my new hosts (LCN). Anyway the point of the post is to get something off my chest when it comes to such art-related matters. Whatever it is, and however essential it seems to be – whether it’s IT, advertising, chasing galleries and exhibiting opportunities etc. etc. I always have a lingering feeling that I’m wasting valuable painting time…actually doing some hands-on art you know? This is a real head v heart dilemma I realise. But I live in dread of letting the resentment get out of hand and allowing it to stop me achieving anything with my art as a business.

You know what? I could do with an entourage, starting with a manager….and including a masseuse (hopefully). What are the chances do you think? I feel better now I’ve said it – a little chastened & stupid but better anyway.

Now all I have to do is design my darned new website and I can get the paints out again! tsk! tsk!

Afterthought: recently sold this piece of work and I know it’s gone to a good home (strange how that’s so important to artists isn’t it?) – so the week hasn’t been all bad.Image