Time wasting?

by martin davis artist

Spent an inordinate amount of time this week changing my web hosting company. My previous co was MotionWebDesign who were great for what I needed over the last couple of years, but the advantage of having someone actually produce, manage & maintain your site for you gradually began to feel too restrictive as my activities developed and I really needed day-to-day control of the site’s contents myself.

Actually before that I did manage my own site but it was a bit of a cumbersome& limited system and I could never do what I wanted….I’m hoping for better things now with my new hosts (LCN). Anyway the point of the post is to get something off my chest when it comes to such art-related matters. Whatever it is, and however essential it seems to be – whether it’s IT, advertising, chasing galleries and exhibiting opportunities etc. etc. I always have a lingering feeling that I’m wasting valuable painting time…actually doing some hands-on art you know? This is a real head v heart dilemma I realise. But I live in dread of letting the resentment get out of hand and allowing it to stop me achieving anything with my art as a business.

You know what? I could do with an entourage, starting with a manager….and including a masseuse (hopefully). What are the chances do you think? I feel better now I’ve said it – a little chastened & stupid but better anyway.

Now all I have to do is design my darned new website and I can get the paints out again! tsk! tsk!

Afterthought: recently sold this piece of work and I know it’s gone to a good home (strange how that’s so important to artists isn’t it?) – so the week hasn’t been all bad.Image