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Mark making is a primal urge. This is where I explain the ecstasy of painting and why it calms my soul.

Month: July, 2014

painting style

Just been reviewing some of the work by people I find inspirational – like this one “Flingsplash” by Brian Smith from Canada;


isn’t it fantastic?  …message to self, I must loosen up a bit and stop micro-painting.

Brit Poppy Art 2014 1st – 4th Aug, Pitsford Hall, Northants

Well it’s come around so quickly I can scarcely believe it. Next Tues all being well I will be getting my contribution to Pitsford, I’m quite looking forward to it. So nice to be able to contribute in some small way to this year’s commemoration of the start of WW1. Really hope it’s a great success – if anything deserves to be…!

This is it. It’s called “…half the seed of Europe”, after The Parable of the old man and the young – by Wilfred Owen. Those of you who know/follow me will have seen it already no doubt.

half the seed of Europe

A big thank you to Geoff and the organisers for selecting my work to feature on the cover of the event’s brochure…I’m thrilled!

Pentrich Revolution



Spent the last few weeks researching ready to start my commission for the bi-centenary of the rising (see last couple of posts). I discovered quite a lot really. One of the main things I learned (as an artist rather than amateur historian)is that it is remarkably easy to get too interested in the subject matter and get carried away by the research for it’s own sake – hence the 2 weeks flying by!

The nice people at Pentrich & South Wingfield Revolution Group gave me my subject – in my case a depiction of the Alfreton revolutionaries on the night of 9th June 1817. So what I really needed was some kind of visual reference to the town of Alfreton circa 1817 that would be recognised today. Anyway after a good deal of talking to Wendy & Rachel at the Heritage Centre (thanks to them) and the regulars of The Miners Arms (cheers lads)about what the town looked like then, what was the road system like, what route would a bunch of reluctant revolutionaries take to get to nearby Butterley and where in the town would they start from? (everyone has a theory)I realised that most of it was gone and what was left wouldn’t necessarily be the best place to start a march on the govt from.

So I am going to have to employ a good deal of imagination and artistic licence – could’ve saved myself a lot of time. I’ve decided to show the figures from the feet up, you know like one of those worms eye views of the world from ground up to the sky. The painting will show a ragged bunch of men (looking upwards at them!)with a couple of well-known local landmarks – the Moot Hall and Angel Hotel I think – and the turnpike milestone to ID the place as Alfreton. Most of the rest of the pic will be taken up by an array of home made weapons being waved against the evening sky.

And that’s it – the result of 2 weeks deep thought and cogitation. I’ll keep you posted with progress, even a few pictures. Have a look at this one for starters. it really is starters!

Derbyshire history group to mark 200 years since failed revolution saw three hanged | Derby Telegraph

More on the Pentrich Revolution project I have been asked to contribute some art to (see last post). If you haven’t ever heard about England’s last revolution you should read this – Derbyshire history group to mark 200 years since failed revolution saw three hanged | Derby Telegraph. – and then watch progress towards the 2017 bicentenary celebrations.