Art’s better side?

by martin davis artist

I was recently contacted again by Cassandra Heliczer, who I previously knew through Saatchi Online art – although I didn’t know anything much about her (typical of an online acquaintance?). She had noticed and liked one or two of my artworks a few years ago and – in her own words – “had never forgotten them”. Now I don’t know about anybody else but those few words in themselves, no doubt casually written, are the best gift to an artist craving recognition for his efforts. They are in themselves sufficient reason to go through all the trials and tribulations of creating and (artistically speaking speaking at least) I would willingly walk through fire to hear them more often. So Cassandra thank you, thank you… I cannot say it enough!

Anyway Cassandra asked for my permission to reproduce one of my pieces “Sunstroke 1” to accompany an article in her magazine, of which she was Senior Managing Editor. She was honest & kind enough to admit at the outset that she couldn’t offer any money but to be equally frank I was just as happy not to be paying her for the privilege of displaying my art in such an august publication.

The magazine in question is the Non Profit Quarterly based in Boston,Ma. This is a well respected periodical dealing with such things as governance and business models in the public sector in the US – not you might think the obvious place for art to be seen. But apparently the good citizens of the US who read the NPQ enjoy reading their professional articles suitably spiced up with a good dose of contemporary art. Good on ’em!

This is the link should you want to take a look at the art in the context of “Nonprofit Health Co-ops: Designed to compete for the Public good” – Look for page 12 in the edition Fall 2014…..but here’s the painting anyway.

Sunstroke 1

It just got me thinking, isn’t this just about the best way to get your art viewed by a group of people you wouldn’t normally be able to reach? even though it’s in a magazine that looks a million miles away from where it usually gets seen. Well it gets my vote!