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Mark making is a primal urge. This is where I explain the ecstasy of painting and why it calms my soul.

A day out

Sorry just spotted a howler in my last post. Of course I meant “bare minimum” and not “bear minimum” which is what I actually wrote – shades of Jungle Book!

Anyway after all my trials and tribulations with the website (IT is sooo stressful) I think I need some time out so tomorrow I’m off to London, the big city, to chill out and view some fabulous art? well we shall see. I intend to gorge on visual experience and try to squeeze in no less than 3 major exhibitions in one day…and then drive home!

First stop The National Gallery and Rembrandt – what can there be left to say by now. Traditional stuff by now maybe but in it’s day must have been dynamite. And what a master of the portrait, I hope to see many works I’ve only seen before online and in print. Just hope 2 hours is enough for me.

Second stop the Courtauld Gallery and Egon Schiele. In my opinion, and I haven’t yet seen much in the flesh, a much underrated artist. Dead before his time costing us God knows what art! I live in hope that my expectations will be fulfilled when I stand in front of the first nude.

Third Tate Britain and Turner of course! I was in two minds about taking in this one – after all what have I not already seen of Turners output? well maybe just maybe I will be surprised. I hope I am. Don’t get me wrong I love Turner, but I expect just a glow of recognition rather than the wham! impact of the novel or unexpected.

Whatever happens down there though it will be a blissful day that I hope, please God, will recharge my artistic batteries ready for some Winter painting after a crap Summer spoilt by health issues. Enjoy your day tomorrow wherever you are.

Self portrait 2011

My self portrait from 2011. I expect Mr Rembrandt to have a few lessons in store for me when it comes to one of these!

New website

Just relaunched my personal website so please take time out and have a look.
I’m pleased to have moved on from my previous providers and regained day-to-day control of what’s on the site. This is the culmination of a lot of personal effort and, although the site is still under construction, it is now a better fit with where I want to take things.
My intention is that the site will feature what I consider my best work in each genre rather than all of it, so it will evolve with time – but viewers/followers will still be provided with links to find anything I have ever done.

At the moment there is minimal detail about individual artworks; I’m unsure just how much to include. The overriding intention was to create a site that was easy to use and SEE! I’ve tried hard to reduce everything but images to the bear minimum because I don’t that’s what people want to see. Even prices have been removed – I have a feeling they can cheapen the experience, particularly so for an artist like me who is not particularly commercially orientated. I would much rather the art be enjoyed for its own sake first and foremost. Of course most of my stuff on there is still available and prices can be requested.

As I’ve said elsewhere it is a work in progress. If it proves to be the case that people still want the appearance of a shop I will have to reconsider. But for now it is what it is. Watch this space for developments.