A day out

by martin davis artist

Sorry just spotted a howler in my last post. Of course I meant “bare minimum” and not “bear minimum” which is what I actually wrote – shades of Jungle Book!

Anyway after all my trials and tribulations with the website (IT is sooo stressful) I think I need some time out so tomorrow I’m off to London, the big city, to chill out and view some fabulous art? well we shall see. I intend to gorge on visual experience and try to squeeze in no less than 3 major exhibitions in one day…and then drive home!

First stop The National Gallery and Rembrandt – what can there be left to say by now. Traditional stuff by now maybe but in it’s day must have been dynamite. And what a master of the portrait, I hope to see many works I’ve only seen before online and in print. Just hope 2 hours is enough for me.

Second stop the Courtauld Gallery and Egon Schiele. In my opinion, and I haven’t yet seen much in the flesh, a much underrated artist. Dead before his time costing us God knows what art! I live in hope that my expectations will be fulfilled when I stand in front of the first nude.

Third Tate Britain and Turner of course! I was in two minds about taking in this one – after all what have I not already seen of Turners output? well maybe just maybe I will be surprised. I hope I am. Don’t get me wrong I love Turner, but I expect just a glow of recognition rather than the wham! impact of the novel or unexpected.

Whatever happens down there though it will be a blissful day that I hope, please God, will recharge my artistic batteries ready for some Winter painting after a crap Summer spoilt by health issues. Enjoy your day tomorrow wherever you are.

Self portrait 2011

My self portrait from 2011. I expect Mr Rembrandt to have a few lessons in store for me when it comes to one of these!