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Mark making is a primal urge. This is where I explain the ecstasy of painting and why it calms my soul.

Exhibition – Leabrooks Gallery, Derbys UK, 3 -13 March

Hinted at in the last post I will be having an exhibition in March – as above – thanks to John Carnall at Leabrooks. I need to speak to John to see what he wants from me, hopefully I will be able to press ahead as planned with his blessing and use the exhibition to explore my use of the “dark stuff”, dark tones, chiaroscuro effects, use of black as a main compositional element etc etc. Maybe I’ll title it “Paint it black”. What do you think?

Between now and then I will be trying to get some advertising in – stay tuned!

New year, new style?

Here we are ¬†already knocking the days off in Jan 2015 (happy new year by the way – I hope dear readers that you are enjoying the kind of start to your year you were hoping for!). After my last blog when I was blathering on about finding my voice finally I have been really keyed up about getting started on my new “style” this year. I’ve always found it hard to reconcile the day-to-day activity of trying to develop an artist’s “business” with the more contemplative side of actually creating the work. Hence my delay here. I still have work I’m trying to finish off and clear the decks to make a clean breast of it. I’ve just finished these two (arguably in my old style) – usefully they both feature chiaroscuro or contre-jour effects, so they may be OK for my upcoming exhibition – more to follow;


Approaching dusk nr Uppertown

– but for a while at least they may be the last of a kind. I intend to launch off in a new direction with a different style/technique. To get what I want I will be using less brush more knife, sparing effects &¬†leaner/less worked or “complete” work. I need to be less fearful of leaving bare canvas or sketchily filled areas and try to develop a more variegated finish. Not naturally a loose painter I am constantly inspired to be so.

Well let’s see! watch this space and wish me luck….you have to be brave in this game.