New year, new style?

by martin davis artist

Here we are  already knocking the days off in Jan 2015 (happy new year by the way – I hope dear readers that you are enjoying the kind of start to your year you were hoping for!). After my last blog when I was blathering on about finding my voice finally I have been really keyed up about getting started on my new “style” this year. I’ve always found it hard to reconcile the day-to-day activity of trying to develop an artist’s “business” with the more contemplative side of actually creating the work. Hence my delay here. I still have work I’m trying to finish off and clear the decks to make a clean breast of it. I’ve just finished these two (arguably in my old style) – usefully they both feature chiaroscuro or contre-jour effects, so they may be OK for my upcoming exhibition – more to follow;


Approaching dusk nr Uppertown

– but for a while at least they may be the last of a kind. I intend to launch off in a new direction with a different style/technique. To get what I want I will be using less brush more knife, sparing effects & leaner/less worked or “complete” work. I need to be less fearful of leaving bare canvas or sketchily filled areas and try to develop a more variegated finish. Not naturally a loose painter I am constantly inspired to be so.

Well let’s see! watch this space and wish me luck….you have to be brave in this game.