Still Something in the Water?

How pleasant it is to read about someone else’s sense of incredulity at the enormity of astronomical event. Don’t feel so silly now but I always get excited by these things, I still gaze at a full moon as if for the first time! Thanks Graeme.


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the solar eclipse in 1999.  I’d been reminded of that experience by more recent events and felt it was something worth sharing.

In the post, I said I’d expand on it by explaining what happened this time – but I allowed life to get in the way and time slipped by.  The 2015 eclipse has probably become a distant memory for most of you.  Even so, when I’ve said I’ll do something, I do it… eventually.

When I realised another eclipse was on the way, I got excited – until I realised seeing totality would mean heading out into the North Atlantic.  The advantage would be the abundance of water, but practically speaking, it was too far to go on a work day.

Thinking about the whirlpools (really, you need to read this first), I wondered whether to head for the…

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