The great outdoors

Well I was getting so bogged down in my own downward spiral trying to re-boot my mojo a bit I thought I should try a bit of plein air stuff, y’know painting outdoors…in public!!. The chance came along recently when artist friend Jen Oldknow started up a group of like minded souls on Facebook and…well that just gave me the jolt I needed to get off my backside and try it. Well nothing else was working anyway! Must admit as a plein-air virgin I was a bit apprehensive.

Several of us met up at Chatsworth in Derbyshire last week for a first outing. Well what with the cold, wind, interested sheep and good chance of rain sometime soon something seemed to give and I stopped being so ponderous and anally retentive about my work and actually speeded up. I needed to get something productive done before I froze up and that seemed to have the desired effect.

In addition to that, and despite all my earlier misgivings (I always said I was just a studio artist) I also actually enjoyed it.

This is me before I frosted over in Chatsworth Park;

Chatsworth.on location

– and this is the result!

Chatsworth House, over the bridge

Much looser and rougher than my usual style. Yes I finally managed to do it!! I’m hoping now it will lead to a break in the logjam and much more work of a similar nature, more fluid and unpolished – just what I wanted. Hope I can carry it over into my studio work too.

I am also looking forward to the next trip to Cromford (just down the road) in a week’s time. Yoohoo!!