Buxton Spa Art Prize 2015

by martin davis artist

Well apart from my failure this year with the Derbyshire Open – see below – my current preoccupation for the last few weeks has been, and still is, the Buxton en plei-air competition which I am taking part in for the first time. In fact last year was it’s inaugural year.

This has drawn entrants from all over the UK, many of them professionals – so I don’t necessarily expect great success at my first attempt. But that said I am happy with my submission which as I speak is completed & drying in the studio. My chosen location this year was the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, adjacent to the Opera House and I have spent several sessions there to date researching, plotting, getting inspiration, trusting to luck, coming up with a Plan B just in case before finally settling down a few weeks ago to paint a scene.

I guess a lot is down to luck as much as it is to skill – picking a good location, finding inspiration there on the days you’re there etc etc. But you still have to produce at the end of the day. I am v happy with what I have produced whatever the outcome in July, but my main concern, given that I was in a public garden/park, is that if anything the painting is a little picturebook-ish for real success. We shall see but some recognition would be fantastic. Here’s hoping, wish me luck!

I have decided not to show an image of the finished piece until after the closing date July 5th. Tune in then and it will be on here. Promise!