The 33rd Derbyshire Open Art Competition

by martin davis artist

This year I submitted a painting on deep canvas for which no frame was necessary, in fact I wanted it seen without a frame (yes I know what the rules say) – I thought it stood a really good chance but it was rejected. However because no feedback is offered (lamentable) I’m still not sure if that was the reason, or if in fact it really was judged just not good enough/suitable or whatever… which is fine, I can cope with that. But like many artists I suspect I do get disillusioned that despite several years of submission I get not a sniff of success…..and I don’t know why. Really frustrating! Next year we will see. Don’t give up that easily.

Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

It’s all hands on deck at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery as our dedicated team toil to get the Derbyshire Open Art Exhibition ready by next weekend. For those artists whose work didn’t get selected or those who are considering entering next year, Derbyshire Museums Manager Ros Westwood has some golden nuggets of advice. It’s over to you, Ros:

As I write, the selected pictures for this year’s exhibition are being hung, creating a stunning celebration showing all that is special about Derbyshire. Next Friday we will announce the winners, particularly the two purchase prizes. Over the last 33 years, the museum has added over 50 works by local artists to the collections, work by people who are truly astonished that their artwork will be kept in the museum forever.

2013 winner 'Abandoned Tractor, Sawmills' by Kathryn Morton 2013 winner ‘Abandoned Tractor, Sawmills’ by Kathryn Morton

Two things keep the Derbyshire Open special. The Derbyshire Open remains free…

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