En plein air painting, a step change in my practice.

One of my aims this year was to develop my outdoor painting skills. Well I couldn’t have dreamed for better but I have been literally staggered to hear I’ve been selected to take part in this year’s Norwich based event which is called “Paint out Norwich”, 20-22nd Oct (http://paintout.org/) – if you believe the blurb this is a premier event of it’s type attracting artists of national and international standing! hah!……and now me apparently. No pressure then!

I’m delighted to have made it into the mix but not a little daunted by the challenge – not only am I in the company of some great artists but over the course of 3 days/evenings I have to start and finish my artwork so that it can hang in the exhibition immediately after.

This will be a step change for me as I don’t normally finish any piece in situ, but I gather it is insisted on by the organisers….but hey ho I did ask for it!

All the works produced are to be selected locations around the city. This is the only view of Norwich I have ever completed, a view over the city from Mousehold …..and it took me weeks to finish it!

Norwich skyline from Mousehold 1

Obviously I’m gonna need a bigger brush.  wish me well!