Early New Year’s res.

I can’t quite believe it’s over 2 months (well nearer 3 actually) since I last blogged – what a lazy bones! This unfortunate gap in my communications has resulted in the above title – next year I will improve vastly on this year’s measly blogging efforts. Are you allowed an early resolution? does it work? maybe that’s what happened last year.

Actually not blogging is no reflection on the state of my artistic practice, basically I just prefer painting (or thinking about painting) to writing about it.

The plein air event in Norwich was a non-event for me as I couldn’t attend but here’s hoping for next year. On the subject of next year I’ve been giving some thought to the level of my commitments and how far I want to plan events given the other demands on my life. Being a retired firefighter I put comfort and relaxation well up there on my list of priorities and I’ve come to realise that my love of art stems from the activity itself and it matters not how much of it I try to cram in – what really matters is whether I enjoy doing it. It’s pointless and self defeating therefore for me to try to do more and more since I risk spoiling the enjoyment. If I only create one artwork a year I am happy if I have enjoyed it and the quality is good. This might sound like heresy to some I realise but there it is, to thine own self be true as the saying goes.

So what this means in terms of planning for 2016 is that I won’t be trying to fill my calendar with event after event. The basic aim will be to try and enjoy my painting as much as I can and on top of that commit to supporting a minimum number of events. So far that means I will be doing one solo exhibition in October at Leabrooks Arts Complex, supporting Studio 61 with artwork every other month, taking part in Derbyshire Open Arts in May and entering either Buxton Spa Art Prize or Paint Out Norwich but unlikely both. If I feel like doing more as the year progresses I will but if not I will be content to spend my available time developing what I do and trying to push my personal artistic boundaries. Personally I can’t wait – bring it on!