New website

A few days ago I went live with my new personal website-

Before I did so I thought long and hard about what I wanted it for, so when you visit you will not see all of my back catalogue, nor will you see any overt signs of hard sell, no prices nothing. Yes you can contact me about any of the work there or use my commission prices to help think about what I can do for you. But it is NOT primarily a selling site. What I want is for my website to be a personal window onto my world and I have endeavoured to pare down any unnecessary details or gimmicks which in my view only serve to distract away from its main purpose ie. contemplation of the art itself.

What you will see mainly though is images of my art that I think best represent what I do in different genre and they will change over time, slowly like an evolution. Remember this is not to show you as much stuff in as little time as possible. I never wanted that for my art, but I do want you to enjoy it.

I would love it if you would visit the site and use the contact form to leave me feedback about what you have seen – good or bad. At least I will know then that you have looked and reacted to it.