After the Lord Mayor’s show.

by martin davis artist

A few weeks have now passed since my London exhibition with Hornshaw Gallery and all the hullabaloo of fetching and carrying paintings to and fro has died down. I still have my two pieces that were in the show and although they were well received and looked the part in the Brick Lane Gallery no further interest has been expressed since….so onward and upward. I enjoyed the experience and hope there will be many more!


All this fuss with exhibiting is a distraction though and I find it takes me quite a while afterwards to find my painting rythme again, and so all my fine intentions at the start of the year about loosening up my style and trying to quicken my pace a little have been hampered a bit. I currently have at least 4 new canvases on the go and a couple of further ideas I’m playing around with but I’ve been a bit stymied by my recent double portrait of son & daughter in law and my inability to “get” the likeness as I want it. It can be frustrating particularly when you are fully committed in the latter stages of a piece of work and it is more difficult to change tack. I suppose all artists have to go through this pain barrier-portraiture can be such a nightmare! Picture when I am satisfied.

Of the new pieces one is a still life, one a landscape and one is from a view of an orange grove I was taken with when I was in Morocco recently, and it’s this last one that I have real hopes for. It doesn’t look much at the moment I admit but when I’m working on it, as I was today, it has a real nice feel to it. This is my last pic of it in progress – but this is a very earlier shot, it has progressed a bit since then.


I’m hoping I will be able to finish this one off in a looser style than I have so far managed, and I am quite hopeful. I’ll keep you posted….even if it all goes horribly wrong. And it remains to be seen whether I can quite carry off the challenge of working on 5 or 6 different canvases simultaneously. We shall see. A bientot!