Tate Modern

I was back in London again yesterday at Tate Modern, one of my favourite haunts. Unlike many art galleries I can think of this place always feels alive and vibrant. I suppose being in Central London helps a bit, and being on the tourist map. But it had to start from somewhere and it’s been an unbelievable success so far since it began….and it’s not your average tourist in there either judging from many of the comments I overhear when I’m there. These are some serious art lovers!


Even when I’ve finished at my chosen exhibition (Georgia O’Keefe yesterday) there is so much else to see in the other free exhibits and permanent collections. I stood behind a young kid yesterday couldn’t have been more than 7-8, both of us staring at Dali’s “Metamorphosis of narcissus” and he was in raptures at it. It was so great to see that at such an early age, hope he never loses his enthusiasm!

Changes are afoot there too with a lot of building work going on so we will see what improvements and additions are in place when it’s all completed.

Really enjoyed the G.O. exhibition…more than I really expected too if I’m honest. But I still get the feeling with her work of so much unfulfilled promise. I reckon she was capable of so much more . But that’s not to decry her output, what she did was stupendous. Don’t think her flowers are the best of her work though. It struck me, while I was gazing at her New York street scenes, how similar in style she was to Magritte. Just in terms of her surreal compositions and her pared down lines and smooth colour gradations. Never really noticed before, take a look – particularly her skyscrapers and moonlit sky backdrops etc.

As always I came back from my little sojourn reinvigorated and determined to push on with my own work….and not get so up myself with it all the time. Just paint!