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Month: June, 2017

Buxton Spa Prize winner announced

Source: Buxton Spa Prize winner announced

Buxton Spa Prize

Well in a year that has not really got off the ground today I achieved at least one of my aims & delivered my entry for this year’s Spa Prize. Getting one of my pieces of work to dry in sufficient time to get it framed and ready to go can sometimes be no mean feat. In fact for a while last week I really thought I’d blown it – for us oil painters it can be a really short window in which to compose and complete the work in the time allowed. But I finally did it for this year and I can relax a bit now.

If you want to see what all the fuss is just get yourself to the Green Man Gallery in Buxton, UK from 1st July to catch the full exhibition of all the entries. As usual and despite all the nervous energy expended I enjoyed myself painting “Reflections”, as I knew I would when I finally got down to it. Let’s see what BSP 2017 brings and here’s to next year!

Reflections, west window

Now I’m just hoping that will kick start me a bit for the rest of this year.  🙂