Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2018, etc.

by martin davis artist

Been some while since I posted a blog and things happen when you least expect it. First I found to my great surprise that one of my entries for the Threadneedle had actually got to first base this year. Instead of outright rejection, which I must say is the norm and something I’ve come to expect, one of the three pieces I submitted this year has actually been pre-selected (shortlisted – or more accurately I guess longlisted) from the many thousands of entries they must get every year from gullible idiots like me. Which means I have to deliver the painting to them on 28th Oct for further consideration and hopefully final selection for the exhibition in the new year.

Well as they say you don’t win if you don’t apply! Actually I find such minor critical successes as this provide a huge shot in the arm of confidence and self belief that I must be doing something right somewhere along the line……if only I could pin it down whatever it is and bottle it.

Oh and the painting? That’ll be this one then – “Kiss”


Being pre-selected for such a prestigious thing as the Threadneedle also confirms me in my own belief that this little painting is probably the best thing I’ve yet painted……and it was quickly done……and it’s in acrylic, not my norm! my own judgement of what I do can’t be that far adrift then? Wish me luck for the next stage.