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Mark making is a primal urge. This is where I explain the ecstasy of painting and why it calms my soul.

Month: February, 2018

Behind the smile

Yesterday I delivered some of my artwork (The substanceless blue, all we know of heaven and Me & my shadow) to Banks Mill Studio in Derby for a rather special exhibition. For months now a group of artists lead by Kirstie Adamson have been planning a month long group exhibition to raise awareness of invisible illnesses amongst us such as depression, endometriosis etc. that go largely unnoticed in our day to day lives. Many of the artists involved have personal experience of this kind of hidden affliction and so much of the work speaks directly from the heart.

For that reason alone you should if you can make the effort to visit the studio before the exhibition closes on 23rd March – or at least spread the word and share as widely as you can. Yes the work, or at least most of it, is for sale but that’s not the point. The main reason behind the event is to raise awareness of a bunch of illnesses that most of us luckily have never heard of. But proceeds are at least going to good causes that support work in this area, in my case the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund to contribute towards the cost of their work with firefighters suffering the debilitating effects of ptsd.

And there is some fantastic art! let’s not forget that. It’s a joy to see the creativity that has come out of this.


Well for the second time in as many months I find myself ill and feeling much too ropey to attempt any creative stuff in the studio so I’ve had to content myself with a bit of cleaning & tidying up in there and doing a bit of stocktaking. Hadn’t realised I was running so low on canvases, especially the bigger stuff.

Soon as I’m better a shopping trip methinks!


Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz!

Well that was a strange evening at the charity event Mercedes Benz Derby yesterday!

Not a huge crowd and the people who did make it were clearly there just for the cars. When it came to the art auction interest was almost non existent and most works went for a song mine included , some didn’t sell at all.

Ah well I did think it was strange mix.

Mercedes Benz charity auction

No they’re not giving away any Mercs anytime soon but they have organised an art charity auction at their Derby branch tomorrow night 7-9.00pm. They contacted me a few months ago to see if I would be prepared to paint something for auction, something that embodied the iconic spirit of Mercedes Benz. All funds raised are going towards rural kids in Zambia, in particular towards their education – so having caught me a little off-guard I said yes sure! when normally I might have been more circumspect, at least initially.

Glad I did it though. Two months down the line this is what I produced:

watch over me

I call it “watch over me” and-based on the corporate teddy bear with motif on sale in their shop-I wanted it to focus on the softer, more feminine side of motoring. It’s intended to suggest the trust and security in the brand that attracts its customers, some of whom -like this little girl-may feel they have a guardian angel watching over them when they drive a Merc. Well I quite like it! and I wanted it to stand out from the usual petrolhead stuff.

I’ll be there from 6.00 with some other stuff on show too – so if you wanna see it you know where I’ll be.