My style a work in progress

Not for the first time today I was asked to describe myself as an artist. Almost without thinking the words oil painter and still life came out which I take as a sign that despite my dabbling with other media I feel in my core that I am most at home with oil and that, as time passes still life is also what I do best. I don’t necessarily want it that way but as someone else said in my company today you can’t deny your true self forever, at least not without some cost – perhaps never achieving your best.

So as 2018 continues I think that still life as well as landscape will become more central to what I do. Portraiture and my more experimental side will become more of a personal exercise or by commission. Can’t remember if I’ve ever committed this thought to writing before, certainly not on this blog, but if I’m frank and to paraphrase slightly “it’s the process stupid!” not the product of painting that matters, at least to me. Whether it’s portraits or landscape or abstract expressionism it’s still about recording what and how you see – light and form and colour. Couldn’t care less if it’s a face, a pretty hillside or a bunch of flowers. Categories might matter to some people collectors, critics & gallery owners amongst them but I’ve realised they don’t to me!

Think I’m rambling ……. but here’s a picture of my latest still life (as if to illustrate the point). It’s still drying so not officially finished or photographed properly. Still time to fiddle with it?



“To-do list”