Art of abstraction

Really pleased now I’ve managed to finish this latest contemplative piece, inspired by the poetry of Wendy Cope. “…the minutes, the hours, the days” is in oils on acrylic on mdf (I always have bits of mdf lying around looking for a use). I found what I thought was the perfect image for the title when I was lingering near a venetian blind in the low sun.

I often work “backwards” when it comes to this kind of work. The feel of the words that might suggest a title normally generate some excitement in me first, some feeling I want to communicate and I then spend any amount of time before I come up with a suitable image to go with it. Really happy with this one though!the minutes, the hours, the days

On the subject of reflection though please call in at West Studios, Chesterfield, Derbys between 11th Jan -1st Feb to see my exhibition “Treescapes and water” to see more of my reflections on nature.