2020 – or something!

God knows how long since I last wrote anything in my blog. If you visit me from time to time expecting to catch up on whatever I’ve been up to you’ll have been disappointed for an embarrassingly long time and for which I could only offer inadequate excuses, so I won’t. Onward and upward as they say….

Well the new year has been and gone and my plans for the year have got off to a limp start. Been feeling for some time that my efforts to get myself out there on social media etc have been less than an effective use of my available “art time”. They may even have had a negative impact on my art so after a lot of soul-searching and disappointments I decided to draw in my horns and do a lot less of it and concentrate on what I love doing best ie. painting which is the point of all this in the first place. So this year has become somewhat planless – which is actually a relief to me – while I try and gather my energies again to produce something worthwhile, rather than simply to keep up with some meaningless plan. Artistic inspiration is an irrational mistress and will not be constrained. Expect even less from me except for the art therefore!

The year though is not without it’s highlights which amount to one, maybe two, exhibitions in September and October – details to follow. Actually my average year from here on will amount to one solo if possible, two tops, and either Derbyshire Open Arts or Buxton Art Prize……the rest of the time will be blissfully free to think about painting and only painting. Looking forward to it already!

Actually this year one extra thing has already cropped up. My self portrait “In the window seat” (below) has been selected for exhibition in London with The Artists Pool at Gallery @ the spaghetti house, Holborn. So I will be wending my way down there 19th April clutching my painting ready for the opening night on 22nd. Apparently it has been selected as one of only four finalists – though what for I’m not at all sure, apart from being exhibited which is reward enough. Amazing! things are looking up…..you see what happens? you take your foot off the gas…..!!

self portrait