Harley Open 2020

It’s been a year so far! a case of extremes. At one end of the spectrum, along with everyone else, I’ve been trying to cope with the changed world we now find ourselves in. I was tempted to add the words “post Covid”, but I don’t think we can be that confident yet!  Almost spelling the end of the artworld, definitely not business-as-usual anyway.

But every cloud has a silver lining, even this one. So at the other end of the spectrum something seems to have happened to the good in the portrait commissioning world. I’ve never had so many requests, and along with the free multiple portrait I offered to our heroes in the NHS (#portraitsfornhsheroes scheme) I’m a busy boy….AND now I learn I’ve been successful in getting my work into the prestigious Harley Gallery Open 2020. Things are looking up!  Stay alert and be careful!

A day out at The Harley Gallery – S80 3LW is in order? My contribution to the exhibition is “the minutes, the hours, the days” – see below.

the minutes, the hours, the days