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Mark making is a primal urge. This is where I explain the ecstasy of painting and why it calms my soul.

Month: January, 2021

I’ve never liked January

Last year – or was it the year before? time just merges into one at the moment – I mended my studio roof. A slow leak had been gradually destroying the lining and making its presence felt so I tore out the lining and stopped the leak. Job done!? Well no actually. I went out into the studio earlier today to discover this;

a rather wet preparation table area. Despite my best efforts previously the intense rainfall we’ve just experienced had found a way through, fortunately it had missed any works in progress (these have regrettably, but perhaps fortunately, been few since my wife suffered a fall in early December forcing me to shut up shop earlier than usual for Christmas and be her carer).

Ironically I had already made the decision to replace the studio when Covid hit us. I have been waiting for slightly easier times before I order one. Anyway I am now faced with a few options, abandon this studio and work elsewhere, spend money on repairs for something that will be taken down in the near future, or bring forward my plans and replace now – something I’m reluctant to do until the situation eases and vaccination reduces the risk for all of us. Or I suppose stop work!!?! What?

What to do? Hoping for drier weather soon I will keep you posted,

In the meantime this is what I was working on when this little disaster struck:

This is one of my first WIPs in acrylic for some time. I am continuing to try to find a style that suits me when using acrylic – not my usual preferred medium. We will see how this develops.

See more of my finished work on my personal website –

Pandemic blues

So here we are early January 2021, more or less one year on. I’ll tell you on reflection what has surprised me about myself over the last 9-12 months. I can’t be the only one who has often craved a bit of peace and quiet from the hurly-burly of the world, many times in my life. And I always thought that given the chance, such as we have now what with lockdown, lockdown lite etc. etc., I would grab it with both hands and make the most of it – not least with my art. Now here’s the shocker………….I can’t and I haven’t! well not so far at least.

It would seem that rather than blossom in a quieter world I do much better by seeking my solace in the usual noisier stressful one. Weirdly enough quiet forced on me from outside doesn’t provide what I need to produce my work – as I always thought it would – but a noisy environment from which I have always had the ability to escape, switch off and turn inward does. Isn’t that strange? so here I am a year into enforced “solitude” and I have very little, artistically speaking, to show for it.

Maybe it’s a bit like the Brexit transition period (you remember that!). Perhaps I need a period of time(length indeterminate) before I feel the same old artistic drive start to surface again, something that has always been there before, that I’ve taken as a given, just waiting to snatch a moment to create in between the non-stop madness of hyperactivity that characterises the modern world.

I hope so because this endless nothing is stifling me.

ps: last bit of completed work below, November last year;

Title: No such thing as transparent.