Royal Cambrian Academy

by martin davis artist

Well I was delighted to learn the other day that both of my submissions to the RCA in Conwy were successful and will now be exhibited there in the RCA Open Art Exhibition which runs from 8th Jan 2022 – 26th Feb.

There are definitely two separate strands developing now in my art and I would loosely describe them as 1. pictures and 2. experimental. Neither tag is really satisfactory but the first refers to my works which are inherently representational and purport to be of something, something rational and recognisable. And these are the paintings which mostly, though not always, sell more readily and are liked in the main by the person in the street. The second however is the result of those occasions when I let my artistic spirit go and allow it to blossom however it wants with little attempt to restrain it or point it in a certain direction.

The two paintings here successful at RCA are decidedly from the second camp, and though still partly representational, they are a bit more abstracted and less resolved. These are much more successful within the artistic community ie. with people involved in some capacity in the art industry – and therefore have some degree of expertise and a more trained eye. I have had some success in juried selection competitions like this one over the last couple of years (I suppose during the pandemic when few other avenues were open to me) and it’s particularly pleasing to me when professionals recognise the value of the work I can produce when I am being me rather than just a hack producing pretty pictures.

The problem though is that I can’t produce unlimited quantities of it as inspiration strikes of its own accord whenever and however it can. I seem to have little control over my output here and I just have to go with it when it does happen. A bit of a bugger really, but if I try to press the accelerator with quality work it just turns out s…t! Still I’m glad I am able to produce stuff I’m proud of at all.