Salon Contemporary Arts, Derby

by martin davis artist

Well I hope this lives up to its billing. This the SCA juried group exhibition at The Museum of Making, Derby 13-15th June and it’s the first time I’ve ever been asked to be a part of an exhibition with the word Salon in its title. Pretentious? moi!? No real reason to write this blogpost except for vanity, but there we are. We are all susceptible to it, no matter how much we might try to rise above such things lol.

Anyway like it or not I am pleased as punch to have been selected to show some of my work (mostly still lifes this time) at this prestigious local venue, thank you Simon Henry et al! The only fly in the ointment is the weather which has been atrocious and the Old Silk Mill aka Museum of Making is currently well and truly flooded ………… fingers crossed for June! If you’re reading this you are cordially invited as my guest.

Hope to see you there.