Salon Contemporary Arts, Derby(oh and the RA Summer Academy!)

Well I did it! After more years trying than I care to think about I finally managed to get work accepted by the Royal Academy for this year’s Summer Exhibition (“Here comes summer”-see last post) …… still can’t really believe it.

May have mentioned it before but I enjoy the challenge of presenting my work to others for critique and their occasional recognition of the quality of a piece of work can be a great confidence boost and it really helps dispel the sort of “impostor syndrome” that so easily sets in. One of the problems of being a bit anal and driven by these things like me is that they start to assume an importance out of all proportion to their real significance. In the grand scheme of things I guess it’s no big deal but while I’ve been labouring away it has seemed that way to me, I’ve come to realise it’s the achieving not the achievement that’s the thing. Achieving the aim is, I have to admit, important to me – it’s just the way I go about things. Many people would find it bemusing that I have to set myself challenges such as this, they might not find the need to. Well good on them! I’m self aware enough to accept that I have to do it. And once you get used to the repeated failures that such an approach brings the very occasional successes are all the sweeter for it. Importantly though it does push me on and makes sure what I do with my art always pushes at the boundaries – and that is key for me!

Although it does feel great to have got through the selection process at last, unfortunately this time I won’t be able to enjoy the spoils of victory. I can’t attend Varnishing Day along with other exhibitors because I’m already committed to another exhibition event – Salon Contemporary Arts 2022, Museum of Making, Derby DE1 3AF. It runs 14-16th June 2022 10.00-5-00pm

SCA promises to be a great exhibition with 14 outstanding artists presenting some of their best work in a fabulous multi-million pound venue like M of M! And it’s not just painting, this will be a treat for all the senses!!

I always promised I would never use this blog for advertising or shameless self-promotion but I make an exception this time! This time you really do need to go to both these things …… what was all my effort for if not?!