Derbyshire Open Arts 2014

Well my solo exhibition “From firefighter to artist” is well into its 3rd week at the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre in Eastwood (my thanks to Sue and all the staff there) in fact its 4th week starts tomorrow. I am amazed how quickly the time is going by. In fact so fast that the end of May and Derbyshire Open Arts will soon be upon us. My exhibition closes on 25th May and DOA runs over 24-26th. This year I will be appearing at Leabrooks Gallery for the 3 days of DOA, which will actually be a first for me this time as other demands have ruled it out in recent previous years. So I do hope to see you there, please come and make yourself known to me.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that I appear to have something of a clash that weekend but don’t worry I have already cleared it with DH Lawrence Centre to remove some of my artwork early so that there will be some of it on display at Leabrooks. I will be talking through the w/e with John Carnall over the next week or two to see just what the DOA format will be and how much work he can hang.

I do hope the event is well attended and successful as I may well open up my own studio in future as an alternative. This time around though I’m begging space from John. Thank you John.

Don’t forget If you are planning your route around Derbys over those 3 days my solo exhibition will still be on and you could do both, OK Eastwood is not in Derbyshire but it’s only just over the border and not a million miles from Ripley, Heanor or Ilkeston. I promise you there will still be plenty of my work to look at.